Hello and welcome

we are blink weddings

Why we believe in what we do ?

Through memories, we are holding on to, the special moments we never want to lose. We can try to never abandon those brief moments, but as we grow older and collect more memories, we can’t keep all of them.

If there weren’t memories, we would just live in the present, waiting for the next day. Unique moments filled with tears, fear, joy, and bliss, become memories we want to hold on to for as long as we can.

If we are lucky enough, we will find a way to preserve memories, securing them from the dangers of aging and forgetfulness, as our future grows shorter and shorter with each day.

More about us

blink films

The Adventure of
Ivana / Peter


Why I think
We'll Get Along

There are 3 things that you need to know about me, before you make a decision of whether we're a good fir for each other 1. I love the real deal. Don't expect me to pose you, or try to replicate your favorite Pinterest images (better select your favorite ones from my galleries and show me what you have in mind for your own day. 2. There will be blurry shots, or imperfect compositions, but the moments and emotions captured in them, will be so dear, that neither me or you will dare to erase them. 3. I will make jokes, I find sarcasm a great way of breaking the ice and cheering up the mood.




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