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Vienna in love

The city of Vienna has been a witness to many unique love stories between, and among them was the story between these two lovebirds. A love story sealed in every street and corner of an astonishing city. In such a scenario simplicity is the keyword. Simple background, no distractions just raw emotions. When the capture of such a moment is successfully done, it truly does something magical to the people involved. For them it serves as an otherworldly portal that brings the whole moment back including every detail, what it sounded like, felt like and looked like. If u are lucky and get the perfect shots it becomes something much more than a photograph, a memory.

A mesmerizing story from Bosanska Krupa

"This moment is eternity, Bosanska Krupa"

Another tale of infinite dreams coming to life on a landscape that is truly a dreamers hideaway. It occurred in the marvelous place of Bosanska Krupa. Such a divine sight to see and witness. Adventure-filled days are gone, new are yet to come but from this moment on they will embrace them as husband and wife. Faith brought them together here in Bosanska Krupa and it is this place where an immemorial agreement is to be born. A promise between the timeless. Nothing more, nothing less.

When romance comes alive

"Once I wished for this night "

One has only to look at their faces, how they smile,toutch, coexist in their own world. Their undenible truth..its manifestation captured in the finest of ways. A grand portent of tomorrow’s world for them. His smile has woven her wedding dress. Sourounded by music of this awe with deep silence between the notes, only they can understand. Dancing until the early morning hours, consumed by joy it all went by in the blink of an eye yet the memories remains forever

London, New York, Mostar love story

If you are lucky, you get to experience the type of love that flips your world upside down.
The kind that fills your veins and consumes your heart. rnHe is from New York and she is from London and everything happened in the city of Mostar where they fell in love at the first sight.
Fast forward to today they are in Mostar once again, only this time as bride and groom, standing at the very place they fell in love.

All emotions, past & present mixed up and captured in these photographs...

About us

We are international destination wedding photographers with over 7 years of expirience and 250+ covered weddings. We strive for a unique photographing style all with one goal: to create photographs that will stand the test of time. We give you the opportunity not only to remember, but to relieve all unique moments and intimate details of your wedding day. We believe in storytelling through details, emotional portraits and finding those quiet moments in the midst of a celebration. Our patience, passion and desire is to relate to your story and create photographs that will vivify more than just memories.



Wedding film

We enjoy telling different kinds of stories... some of them are emotional and dialogue driven, others are like crazy parties cut to an upbeat track. Your wedding is our inspiration and our goal is to get you back to the moment every time you watch your very own wedding film. We want you to look back at these memories and see a reflection of who you are in every frame.
We do this by documenting the unique moments, the hug with your parents, tears of joy and laughter. Because we believe that all feelings should surface again when re-watching the video, even in the years to come. That’s why we make unique and timeless wedding films with a focus on raw emotion. As a team with years of experience, passion, and dedication, we are proud to say that we developed our own style and the ability for forge unique videos. That also means that we can quickly make the right decisions on such a dynamic day and capture every detail that made the wedding a unique experience of your own, your day to be remembered forever.
Blink works with a very limited number of couples each year, which gives us more time to work together with those who gave us the chance to be part of their special day.

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