Meet The Team

We are Blink weddings.

Adventurous & romantic

We are a wedding photography and film making team with different skills bound together with one passion and that is sealing magical moments forever in time.

You may call it photography or video capture but we think of it as a vital means of communication and expression.

We don’t approach weddings with a formula in mind, instead, we look for the in-between moments like touches, smiles, facial expressions and the atmosphere of the moment witch changes from second to second.

Our creative approach, in combination with the look of film photography, has helped us develop a recognizable style.

Blink also offers couples direction and guidance on timeline scheduling, lighting, and more to create the best photographs possible.

We truly believe in the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

To put it simply our job is to see specific moments as opportunities and seal then forever in time.



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