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We don’t want to just give you photos, we want to give you works of art that will blow your mind, that communicate the essence of who you are, that tell stories beyond what you see, and that move complete strangers to stop and stare. And we work our butts off, pouring our hearts and souls into each and every wedding that we shoot, to do so! With ambitious imagination, we set out to artfully capture the authentic story of your day as it unfolds in all int’s glorious reality. This allows you to truly experience the natural magic of your day, while we focus on capturing real, authentic behaviour and genuine emotion.

Meet the team

Dino Joldić - Lead Photographer & Cinematographer nThe founder of blink weddings and blink media. His photography story began 2007, with his twentieth birthday when he bought his very first camera. „Immediately it happened“, he said: „ I fell in love, and I'm quite sure its still the biggest love of my life.“ The blink journey came to life 2012 when he converted his hobi to a job after he developed his own style which you can see in the dark, green and goldish tones on the photographs. You will hear him saying „sve se moze kad se hoce“ which means everything can be done if you really want it.nHe's a photo and video mentor who lives to travel. He likes to take aerial video and photography with his drone. Sometimes, he's speedy and hyperactive. Karate instructor for the past 10 years, hates bullies and gyms, loves all sports that use a ball. He's ommunicative and always in a good mood. You’ll never see him angry unless he didn't get his coffee.

Ajdin Heldovac - photographer & graphic editor nThe 22 year old photographer and graphic designer. He grew up in Zavidovići, a little town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Three years ago he moved to Mostar where he enrolls to Faculty of Information Technology and now, finishing his senior year. His professional career started in 2016, when he met the blinkteam. During the last 3 years, he lives and works in Mostar, taking photos, at blink familiy what he often likes to say.

Nedim Koric - videographer & drone operator nThis 18 year old wunderkind is from Konjic and he's the youngest member of our family who joined us 2 years ago. He loves art, photoshop, video editing, movies , portrait photography, girls... He always liked to photograph and record. It somehow fills him up and makes him happy, he says. Photographing helps him to express all creative virtues and through editing he represents the world as he imagines it in his head.

Lejla Nazdraić - photographer & photo editor nThe pretty side of blink, she is born in Esslingen Germany, and now living in Mostar. Her whole life she was trying to express herself in some way as an artist, learning to play the guitar and piano was the first step, afterward, she learned how to sing. Her love for photography she found 4 years ago and postproduction came naturally to her. She loves to experiment with different color sets. Lejla became a blink member 3 years ago and from that period till this day she photographed almost 100 weddings, which are making her an experienced photographer in the blink family.